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About the Therapy Module

Our Story

At Therapy Module, we’re dedicated to helping people overcome trauma and mental health challenges with the power of technology.

We are a passionate team of two psychologists, an NLP and breathing coach, and two software developers. Moreover, we have spent the past two years collaborating closely to create an innovative platform that combines cutting-edge therapy techniques with advanced digital tools.

As a result, we have created accessible and effective modules conforming to EMDR protocols that can help people all over the world overcome mental health challenges caused by trauma.

We have assembled a team of world-class therapists, including Çetin Duyarlı (NLP, Breath, and EFT method), Şeyma Mutlu (EMDR method), and Betül Gökdere (CBT method), to create powerful therapy modules that are tailored to your unique needs.

We know that therapy is about more than just techniques – it’s also about connection and understanding. That’s why we’ve brought together a global team of licensed psychologists who are dedicated to helping you achieve your therapy goals.

And with Abdullah Akyürek, Orhan Sait Berber and Ahmet Bibi’s innovative software design and project management expertise, we were able to seamlessly bring our therapy modules to life in a way that’s both effective and user-friendly.

At last, it is worth noting that we’re proud to pay royalties to the rights holders of our therapy modules based on the number of users. At Therapy Module, we’re committed to creating a community of empowered healers who are dedicated to making a difference in the world – and we can’t wait to have you join us on this journey.

Our Story
Our Story
Have a unique experience!

Our online modules give you access to unique remediation tools.

Make your own plan

Modules allow the person to do the treatment, which would be very expensive with psychologists, much cheaper, at his own pace and according to his plan.

No extra cost

After purchasing any module, you can complete the module without any payment.

Psychological support

Therapy Module is also a platform that brings individuals, institutions and companies together with psychologists.

Our social responsibility

Therapy Module prioritizes its social responsibility. Therapy Module takes an active role in projects that facilitate access to modules for war-torn and uninsured people and refugees.
Connecting Technology and Expertise for Mental Health Transformation

Empowered Innovative Therapy Modules

Simplified User Tools

User Profile

Our modules offer different options that cater to your specific needs and experiences. Whether you’re a therapist or a client seeking therapy, you can select the modules that align with your objectives, allowing for a personalized and effective experience.

Progress tracking is a fundamental component of therapy. Our module equips you with the tools to monitor your journey. You can keep track of your processing and healing milestones, ensuring that you are making strides toward overcoming your trauma and achieving a greater sense of well-being.

Collaborating with experts is essential in your therapeutic journey. You can effortlessly schedule online expert meetings to receive guidance, support, and therapy sessions from trained professionals.

Our platform simplifies the process of connecting with experts who specialize in various areas. You can search for and connect with EMDR professionals who resonate with your specific therapeutic needs, ensuring you receive the specialized care required for therapy.

Choose Your Module Fits You
Overview your progress
Schedule Online Expert Meetings
Search For Experts You Prefer
Easily create and edit content

Content Development

Create Items and Duplicate
Develop Flows and Modules
Follow Process of Users

With our platform, you can create items and duplicate them, saving you valuable time and effort. Whether it’s for educational materials, product listings, or any other content, this feature simplifies the process, ensuring consistency and efficiency in your work.

Our platform offers the flexibility to develop flows and modules, making it a powerful solution for organizing and structuring your content. Our intuitive tools enable you to design, customize, and adapt flows and modules to meet your unique requirements, all while ensuring a smooth and logical user experience.

Understanding the user’s journey is essential for creating a successful user experience. Our platform allows you to monitor and follow the process of your users, giving you valuable insights into their interactions and preferences. This feature ensures a more satisfying and engaging user experience.

Customize all organizations under one roof

Organizational Management

You can effortlessly build classes to cater to your users’ unique needs and learning goals. This feature empowers you to create and organize classes that engage your audience effectively.

Our platform offers comprehensive tools for managing your entire organization from one centralized dashboard. This feature simplifies administrative tasks and allows you to oversee all aspects of your organization, from user management to resource allocation.

Our platform simplifies your process by enabling you to prepare automatic email templates. You can save time and ensure consistency by using pre-designed email templates. This feature streamlines your efforts, ensuring that your messages are clear, professional, and delivered in a timely manner.

Build Classes for Users
Manage Entire Organization
Prepare Automatic Email Templates
Manage entire application with ease

All-In-One Admin Panel

Create New Organizations
Create Pages and Permissions
Give Status to Experts
Manage All Users in One Screen

Your module may involve multiple organizations, each with its own unique needs. Our platform makes it simple to create new organizations, providing a structured and organized approach to managing different aspects of your therapy or practice.

You can easily create customized pages and permissions within our platform, ensuring that sensitive information and resources are protected. This feature allows therapists and clients to access only the information and tools relevant to their needs, maintaining confidentiality and trust in the therapeutic process.

Our platform allows you to assign status to experts, helping clients identify and connect with therapists who meet their specific requirements. This feature ensures that clients can make informed choices when seeking therapy.

Our platform enables you to manage all EMDR users on one screen. This feature streamlines user management, making it efficient and effective for your module’s success.

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Connecting Technology and Expertise for Mental Health Transformation

Empowered Innovative Therapy Modules

Simplified User Tools

We created user-centric tools to help users choose modules that suit their needs and track their progress. Our tools also enable users to schedule online expert meetings and easily search for preferred experts.

Easily create and edit content

Thanks to, our user-friendly platform, you can easily create and edit your content. You can also streamline your workflow and boost productivity by creating items and duplicating them. Furthermore, our platform enables you to develop flows and modules seamlessly, providing a comprehensive solution for your content needs.

Customize all organizations under one roof

You can build classes tailored to your users' specific needs to provide targeted training and resources. With the ability to manage your entire organization from a single dashboard, tasks become more efficient and effective. Additionally, our system enables you to prepare automatic email templates for effectiveness.

Manage the entire application with ease

You can easily create new organizations, pages, and permissions thanks to our user-friendly platform. Assigning status to experts is a breeze. Additionally, you can efficiently manage all users on one screen, making administrative tasks more straightforward and enhancing the user experience.