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Up to 16 weeks

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Self-therapy has emerged as a popular approach for individuals seeking to address their mental health concerns without any need for a specialist or a place.

With Therapy Module’s innovative platform, users around the world can effectively self-manage their journey to recovery and restore their mental well-being.

Our platform includes comprehensive EMDR modules which are developed in accordance with established protocols and are strengthened through interviews with well-experienced psychologists. Our modules provide users an opportunity to enhance their personal growth and make meaningful progress toward overcoming their challenges. By integrating these modules into our application, we offer a powerful tool that empowers individuals to take control of their mental health and achieve a permanent change.

From time to time, individuals want to meet a psychologist and tell them what they are doing. Therapy Module has also expertly identified this need and added expert interviews with experts in EMDR to these developed protocols. In this way, users can see and evaluate their progress from an expert’s perspective. Therapy Module uses a combination that includes both individual progression through modules and a therapy pathway with psychologist consultations.

EMDR is a powerful psychotherapeutic approach. Today, it is used by millions of people and experts around the world. Our modules prepared with the EMDR therapy method are a 16-week application program that aims to desensitize mildly disturbing memories, regulate triggers in daily life and develop new life skills.

Although EMDR modules are designed to provide self-healing without psychologists, Therapy Module recommends users to meet with at least 2 psychologists interview with the package. You can easily schedule as many appointments as you want with expert psychologists from all over the world.

Therapy EMDR Modules

Post-traumatic stress disorder | Depression | Reliving traumatic events | Avoiding things related to the event
Feeling more irritable/tense | Shame, guilt or a negative self-image | Gloom | Concentration problems
Unexplained physical symptoms | Sleep problems | Fears, panic, anxiety, restlessness | Stress
Motivational problems | Eating problems | Chronic pain | Addictions

EMDR Full Package for 6 months just €9999 (Less than €17/month)
Empower with EMDR, Your Path to Emotional Freedom

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